Roderick Beaton

Professor Roderick Beaton's latest book, 'Byron's War - Romantic  Rebellion, Greek Revolution', comes in a long line of books on the bard.  It explores Lord Byron's life and literary output through the prism of  had personal relationship with Greece. The book puts to great effect the extensive Greek historical sources as well as much unpublished material.

Victoria Hislop

The Island

Artemis Cooper

Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor By Artemis Cooper

Vicky Pryce

Economist Vicky Pryce reflects on the current crisis in the Euro Zone  its causes and how Europe has responded, and offers her thoughts on what  might and what needs to happen if the Euro is to survive in its current  form. She pays particular attention to Greece, the country of her  birth, the country first in the firing line in the Euro crisis and the  country even now seen as Europe s problem child . But as Pryce explains,  the roots of the Euro s crisis are much broader than a set of  profligate governments in Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Italy or Spain. The  flaws in the current system were obvious to economists from the outset.  Politicians ignored or downplayed these in creating the Euro and indeed  made the problem worse by watering down the controls that were in  place. If the Euro is to survive in the long term, even greater  political and fiscal integration and cooperation will be required. The  dilemma is that the slow and unimaginative response of the German and  other northern European political classes to the current crisis and the  consequent enormous pain that is now being inflicted on many countries,  has led to greater nationalism and made reaching the consensus necessary  to pull Europe out of its crisis more, rather than less, difficult.  This book will be required reading for economists, politicians, market  practitioners, public servants and anyone interested in understanding  the current crisis.

Bettany Hughes

**Award-Winning Historian, Author and Broadcaster** Bettany will be presented with the Fem 21 International Journalism Award for her ‘exceptional contribution to the international coverage of the place of women in societies past and present’ and the Distinguished Friend of Oxford University Award in recognition of ‘exceptional academic work for the benefit of the University, its colleges and departments. This genuine distinction marks extraordinary support of the Classics Faculty and the University as a An Honorary Doctorate has been given by the University of York in recognition of Hughes’ ‘outstanding qualities as a historian and communicator: In particular her enthusiastic advocacy for the public understanding of the importance of history.’ The Norton Medlicott Medal for History 2012/13 Annual award from the Historical Association presented to Bettany Hughes for Outstanding Services to History. Awarding Committee citation; ‘The Historical Association is conscious of the considerable contribution Bettany Hughes has made to the public interest in history in bringing high quality history to a wide audience. The committee commented particularly on the outstanding scholarship of Hughes’ books, TV shows and radio The international documentary series ‘East and West’ which was premiered at UNESCO has been given the Turkish Presidency’s Art Honorary Fellow Cardiff University Awarded an Honorary Fellowship by Cardiff University in recognition of international contribution to historical and cross-cultural dialogue. Finalist Nomination for ‘The Hemlock Cup; Socrates, Athens and the Fellowship of the Historical Association Made an Honorary Fellow of the Historical Association in recognition of contribution to historical research and understanding with both a national and an international reach. Martin Sandford Trust Award Nominated for the Religious Broadcasting Award and also for Radio Times’ Viewers Award for; ‘The Day Jesus Died’; ‘What Is the Point of Forgiveness’ BBC One, April 2010 and 2011 The Hemlock Cup was a New York Times bestseller and selected for the notable non-fiction work of the year by the Wall Street Greek Department of Culture – Special Award Special Award for services to Hellenic Culture and Heritage, given by the Greek government in recognition of services to the promotion, understanding and maintenance of Hellenic culture and heritage Naomi Sargent Educational Award for Excellence in Broadcasting Annual award for broadcast excellence awarded by the Viewers and Listener’s Association. Naomi Sargent Educational Award Research Fellow King’s College London Visiting Research Fellowship awarded for 10 year period in recognition of contribution to research. Royal Television Society Award for ‘Countryside at War’ ITV 2011. Shortlisted by Broadcast for the Broadcast Popular Factual Award for Britain’s Secret Treasures – British Museum/Portable Bettany was an Open Scholar of Oxford University and was awarded the Charles Oldham History Scholarship In 2012/13/14/15 Bettany judges the Museum of the Year for the Art Fund, the Angel Awards for English Heritage, the Royal Television Society and Grierson Awards and is a reader on the Queen’s Anniversary Prizes for Higher Education. In 2012 she was chair of the International Orange Prize for Fiction. In 2015 she will judge the PEN prize for Literature.